Libra – I see beauty in everything

Once upon a time, Libra wanted to give a gift to a friend. Something special, something nice. She looked around, waiting for something to catch her attention.

Aha! There it was!

A small stone!

Spirit of Tara

But why a small stone? Libra, that is so ordinary… How is that beautiful? How is that valuable?

Each and every one of you has a preference, there are things you find beautiful, there are things you find ugly. Each and every one of you has a unique taste for the things of this world. And you assume that I am here for the purpose of making that distinction for you, to show you what is beauty and what is not. But I am not here to discriminate and divide. I am here to teach you to find beauty in All that is.

Don’t misunderstand me. I am not talking about labeling things as beautiful. I am talking about the process of finding beauty.

That process of finding beauty is the process of connection with what you perceive as outside of yourself. It is the process of opening yourself to what lies outside, finding a common thread and connecting. It is the process of finding a common vibration, harmonizing and making a melody.

So the search for beauty in the outside world is the search for Oneself.


The small stone?  I see so much beauty in it. You would say, it holds memories. And what are memories? Just moments of such beauty that you decided to carve them into eternity.

So the small stone holds my Beauty. And I want to share it with the Ones I love. Give them a little piece of myself. And give back to them a piece of themselves they might have lost.


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