Shadows and Light

On the day of Red Magnetic Moon…



“I unify in order to purify
attracting flow
I seal the process of universal flow
with the magnetic tone of purpose.
I am guided by my own power doubled.”


On this day, I activate my emotional body and I let it send impulses into the world, to show who I am, what I want, what I need, how I feel.

I do this because I believe I am the Master of my emotions, I have faith in myself and the purity of my heart, and I can let what I feel be the wayshower of Divine Will.

I do not judge myself, I do not hide myself, because I am a source of light, and that light I will bring forth in manifest form.

By expressing myself I purify, and open the gates to transcendence.


We come from One, and many are the things we share.
The feelings of loneliness, abandonment, emptiness…
We have also been there.

But to keep it inside is not a wise thing to do.
To put on masks,
Hide the beautiful You.

It might feel like poison,
But gather the courage and spit it out,
You are not someone we can live without.

You will not hurt us if you say how you feel,
We are not afraid,
You can be real.

We are just waiting for you to share
All that you carry inside,
Please don’t ignore us, please don’t hide.

Share yourself completely, gather the courage to be true.
We are here for just one and only purpose
And that is to love You.




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