Shadows and Light

Healing story – A Man opening up to Love

A man there once was, successful and established in his trade. Wealthy was he in knowledge, but that abundance did not come easily.

Many mistakes he made along the way, many heartbreaks he had. Many different roads he tried to take, just to end up thinking of himself as a liar, a weak man, as he had betrayed his one true calling.

But the lies that he had supposedly been telling, the mistakes he thought he had made, were making him into a man he is now. A Man of vast experience, a Man of great knowledge, and a Man of integrity. Because, in the end, after going down many roads, he did manage to pick his one true yearning. In the end, all those distractions turned out to be too weak to make his heart go astray. In that wildland of temptation, he never lost sight of the path he was meant to take.

You do understand him, do you?

And in that Darkness, in that confusion, not only was he trying to find his Way, he was also trying to find a tune, a melody, something to soothe his heart. He was blind at times just so he could open up his Inner Ear, so he could hear the cries of others, the pains of others. Blindly walking, he managed to trip, to fall, to get stabbed from time to time. But he was determined. He was going to find his Way, and he would open up his Inner Ear. It might take longer to complete theses two tasks at once, it might be scarier, things could get really ugly, but he could make no other decision. The melody, the tune of the cries of others, the pains of others, was something he knew he needed to hear. And he needed that ability to hear. He needed his Inner Ear, as well as his Eyes that will show him his Way.

Now, he rests. He does not move. He has his Inner Ear open, and he waits. He waits for people of Love to come greet him, and to ask. To ask him for his help and his advice. But no, still, he does not move. The memories of past injuries are still haunting him, trust in people he has lost. He stands firmly, looking ahead, in the direction of his Way. But he does not move.

Will you let him rest? Will you find a way for the healing to begin, will you find a way so the healing would be complete?

Your Man is a Man of great knowledge, and soon will become a Man of feeling. A Man of intuition. He will have a big wise heart, and he will know how to send others in the direction of Love. But first, he needs to rest. To recuperate. To keep his strength for himself.

Because soon, another door will open for him. A door that will take him to greater Light. So love your Man know, make him understand. Make him understand he is Love, and he can be in Love again. He can be in Love again, without getting hurt, he can open up to the world, and let the World in.

We are all waiting for him, you know?

For his big, wise Heart, for his big, warm Hug.

Thank you dear Souls, for reading this story. We approach the Darkest Night of our cycle, the beginning of Capricorn, and I would like to give you a gift.

Send me a mail to till the end of this day, December 17th, 2018, and I will prepare a healing story for the Darkest of Nights especially for you.

Till we meet again,

Blessed be

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