Under the Sea

The 4 of Swords and Mercury in Pisces

When your mind is outside of the box, wandering, you will start to value the box, appreciate it.

One box would be far-fetched for my Aquarius Moon, but my Mercury in Pisces reacts really well to a bunch of colourful (of course) boxes, or better to say, shapes.



I feel like my thoughts are lured in by these simple colorful shapes, just like the unsuspecting Sailor is captured by the call of a Mermaid.

This is not the best way to get my mind organized and put my thoughts on paper. It is the only way. Mercury in Pisces, we have finally found a way to function in society. Blessed be, the two of us.

How does your mind work? And does it work? Lol

How do you live your Mercury?

Have a nice day and blessed be!



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