Shadows and Light

End of Gemini season, transition into Cancer

How did you spend the end of Gemini season?

I took the role of a Journalist and made an interview! The magic of Gemini brought curiosity and willingness to listen, so I could ask the right questions and extract more valuable information.


We’re transitioning into Cancer, and the topics in question were related to Women, Feeling, Emotion balanced out with Cancers counterpart, Capricorn – Business, Grand Scale Projects, Established Society.

How does Feeling, Womanhood, Femininty get around in Structure, Established Society, that was the question.


To be or not to be, no, that wasn’t the question.

How to Feel while Building an Empire,

that was the question.

But now, the Gemini is gone. I hope you asked all the right questions, got all your needed answers, so you can retreat into Cancers womb and digest all that has been happening to you.

It’s not the time to think, now comes the time to feel.

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