Under the Sea

Working with Ascended Masters – Mary Magdalene and Archangel Michael

Recently, I joined a journey called the Medicine Keepers of the Blue Violet Ray. Archangel Michael is one of the main guys in charge of the journey, along with Sirian Lion beings, Dolphins and Whales.

I have never worked with AA Michael. Only this year I have developed an obssesion with lions when my Youtube page became flooded with recommendations for lion clips, due to my eager expectation of The Lion King movie and constant replay of the trailer. The Dolphins came to me around this time last year, promising some new information on sensuality and sexuality but to this day they remain silent. I am not mad. I will wait, be patient. They did teach me how to play, I have to give them credit for that. Last year was a very playful time. Sexless time, but still, playful time. Thank you, Dolphins. And Whales? Well, they are here, somewhere in the background. We have met, in a dimension much different than this one, that I still have access to.

Mary Magdalene. Ah, Her I know. And I await my Initiation in December so I can work by her side.

Being a good student that I am, I wanted to dedicate myself completely to the Blue Violet Ray journey. Our teacher, our guide, Beth Katherine, made a wonderful itinerary filled with meditations, prayer and ceremony, and created a space where we could connect, interact and ask her for guidance. I will not disappoint! I will do my best! I will not take her hard work for granted, and I will participate with all my heart, all my awarness, all my spirit!


Mary Magdalene.

I am hers, she is mine. In December I receive my Initiation, but my Initiation has already started. I am with her, she is with me. How can I weave her into this journey? Will it be cheating? I feel in my heart I can take her in, I already put the pink hue in my altar. Am I already cheating? I don’t wan’t to disappoint. I respect my teacher and all her hard work.

Those were the thoughts in the back of my head this morning, when I was sitting by the altar (receiving my first messages from Sirian Lion beings, yaaaay). Even the fact that my teacher was on the way to Paris, ready to honor Mary Magdalene, among other beings and Masters, didn’t soothe my mind completely. I needed more confirmation, a green light to mix it up.

In the afternoon, I went to the library, to return some books. When I got there, I suddenly decided to take something new. Usually I spend and hour or two browsing for books, but today I felt I needed to be quick. There is no time to waste, I have things to do. I said to myself – AA Michael, let me know what I need. I glance at a title – The Witch and the Rain. I take the book, look at the short summary – A woman burnt alive because of her love for a friar, a woman fighting for her love for a catholic priest, aaaaaand

The love of Mary Magdalene for Jesus.


When I got home, I realized the book cover was blue violet.

Like I needed any more confirmation.

(Ok, I guess I did. It’s my Saturnian sceptical nature)

Blessings to you all
Love to all beings

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