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That “silently judging you” face…

Aquarius teaches us that we are all different, and we need to accept our differences, not float around with that disgusted look on our face, just because we came across a soul that chose a different lifestyle.

A different lifestyle just might be a different lifestyle, not some incomprehensible evil we must annihilate.

Do you have a vision, or do you lack vision so you try to erase all that doesn’t fit your narrow world view?

Are you open-minded, or is your mind open only to those that share your ideas?

And do you have any ideas of your own, or are you jumping on the bandwagon with all the other wannabe rebels and self-proclaimed original thinkers?

These are the questions to contemplate in the Age of Aquarius. While you think, the fish is silently judging you.

2019-10-23 15-08-03 KA,Korana,Aquatika,Riba

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