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Work with Astrology – Get to know yourself, get to love yourself (1)

We can look at the astrological signs as the building blocks of our spirit, or we can look at ourselves as a mash-up of those 12 forces of nature. Fire, Water, Air and Earth, it all lives in us, through us. We might use some elements more often, some might feel more comfortable than others, but they are all there.

The Inner Aries that needs to start things up. The Inner Leo that needs to shine in front of others. A passionate preacher, the Inner Sagittarius.

The Inner Taurus that craves abundance, security and beauty. The Inner Virgo that needs to discern and evaluate. A wise sage that will set the foundations of our life’s legacy, the Inner Capricorn.

The curious Inner Gemini that loves to chat and share information. The polite and distinguished Inner Libra that loves to relate. The genius, eccentric and quirky Inner Aquarius.

The Inner Cancer that feels, and by feeling knows. The Inner Scorpio that can look into the soul of an Angel as well as the Devil. And the Inner Pisces that doesn’t see Angels and Demons, but just pure compassionate love.



Get to work

Now be a good Taurus, and get to work! Maybe take a pen, paper, and contemplate about the configuration of the starry sky that the astrologers consider to be the reflection of your soul. You don’t need a chart, you don’t need a map, you only need to know yourself. And in order to know yourself, you need to love yourself. Like a true Taurus.

Now, your soul is magnificent and overwhelming, so we have to take it slow, one step at at time. Today, we will explore the Universe of your Inner Aries, and in the days to come, the rest of your starry magnificence.

So take a deep breath, feel the love. Exhale, spread the love.

And let’s take a walk through your soul.

Let’s get to know our Inner Aries

Contemplate on these questions:


  • In what area of your life are you willing to take risks?




  • When is the last time you wanted to try something new? What was it?




  • Do you feel as if you are the creator of your own life?




  • In what activity do you feel you can do whatever you want to do?




  • What are you most passionate about? What gets you started? What turns you on?




  • In what activity do you not care about making mistakes, but are just consumed with joy and excitement?




  • What makes you want to scream?




  • What are you willing to fight for, no matter the consequences?




  • Can you say what makes you special?




  • Are you comfortable with talking about your successes and victories?




  • Are you openly proud of yourself, or do you pat yourself on the back when no one is looking?




  • Where would you love to be the best? Where would you just love to shine?




  • Are you the best? How?




  • At what times do you think only about yourself and your desires? In what situations do you put yourself first?



  • When is the last time you put yourself first?




  • In what area of your life do you know you are entitled to happiness?



Take your time

Take your time, and try to find your Inner Aries. Where does he show up? When? How do you feel when your Inner Aries takes over?  Is he in charge often, or were you struggling to find him? Does he serve you well, or is he getting you into trouble? Do you allow your Inner Aries to take over, or do you suppress that part of your soul? What blessings might your Inner Aries bring into your life? What blessings is he bringing in now?

Again, do not rush. We are in Taurus season, we are taking it slow. We are working thorough. Next time, we will take a look at Leo! Fire first!


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