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Unique individuals

Unique individuals, Aquarius thought, we are all unique individuals.

But, if we are all unique individuals, confusion overcame Aquarius, why are there so many followers?

Who are you following, if not yourself?

Why are you following someone other than yourself? 

Keeping in mind his brother Aries, he continued – You can be motivated, you can be inspired by the courage and authenticity of others, but to follow the path that is not your own?

How can anybody be a better you than you? Is that such a conceited thing to say? Is it so outrageous to claim that you are irreplaceable and that your absence will be felt, because your uniqueness is your uniqueness, and nobody can take your place?

Is it so unreasonable to claim that, if only one of us rejects his or her uniqueness, we are all doomed? Is it paranoid to claim that, if only one of us starts living a fake life, we will all be tainted by insincerity? Is it so unbelievable that our survival as a species depends on the sanity of each unique individual?

And that, if we cast out, if we push one unique individual to the edge, surrender him or her to madness, we will all lose our minds? 

Are we mad already, following unique individuals that are lost on other peoples paths?

Chaos in the web of life, I tell you. Chaos!

Find your place, dear unique individual, and stay there. Don’t follow lost souls searching for dreams that may, or may not be, their own.

There is nothing to find, but so much to express, when you realize that you, and everybody else, is a unique individual.

Oh, so much togetherness in individuality, it’s almost madness!

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