About me

My Sun in Pisces is looking for a way to express itself through art and wants to see everything I do as a work of art. Mars in Aries and its raw, violent, instinctive energy sometimes overtakes those ethereal dreams that my Sun dreams of. Then Pluto takes the lead and takes me to the Underworld to resolve this Pisces – Aries conflict. Sometimes he detains me, traps me. Either I can’t find a way out, or like Orpheus, at the last step, I look back and lose what I so much wanted to bring to the surface. The Pisces Sun teaches me how to have understanding for myself.

But I give my thanks to Aries, for the love of the body, for the love of dance, for the incredible bursts of creativity. Thank you to Pluto for lighting up the darkest parts of us all. His kingdom is my home.

My Moon in Aquarius feels at home in the strange, the eccentric, the abstract. My Luna is a mathematician, a genius, an inventor. She enjoys playing with brand new ideas and information. So talk to me about extraordinary things, dream with me about the future, about the worlds we saw long, long ago and which we will see again in times to come.

Since my Aquarian Luna loves Pluto, she has given birth to eccentric children who love to play in the Darkness – Astrology and Tarot. Through my Pisces Mercury they transmit knowledge in shape of stories, songs, pictures, impressions. And the Pisces within me, who swims relentlessly toward the Light, has found a way to stay in love with that Pluto who always pulls her into Darkness, into the deep deep sea …

Maybe I love Darkness more than I love Light, maybe I prefer Sadness to Joy, and maybe it’s all the same to me. The Ascendant in Gemini cannot decide which face to choose…


Spirit of Tara

This is me
I love to dream, I love to love
Come closer only if you want to show me your soul
And tear yourself apart
To find the essence of your being
Your unique heart

Schools where I acquired knowledge:

PMF Matematika – Mathematics department of Zagreb University

Škola egipatskog orijentalnog plesa “Zuzana” – Oriental dance school “Zuzana”

Astrološka škola Igora Ognjenovića – Center for astrological education Zagreb

Škola Tarota i Osho Zen tarota Maje Cjetanović Laboš – Tarot school and Osho Zen tarot school

ATIH i Shamanic Heart Healing Luke Klančnika

Theta Healing – Romana Krstekanić

Om joga

Spirit of Tara