Work with Aries – So much to explore!

And death

My journey is not a straight line, there is so much on this Earth to explore! I know I am on the road back to my Beginning, so why not enjoy? Why not experience all that I can experience?

My Beginning is waiting for me, there, at the End. So I won’t rush. I know my Beginning, I am very well acquainted with the End. But the Middle?

Ah, the juicy, unexplored world in between. The unknown, the unseen. There is no time to waste, since there is no time. And there are no moments that can be missed, because we are the ones who create moments, as we please.

My moments I will create by going far out to one side, then slide back to the other. No straight line for me. Oh no! There are so many moments to be explored! So, zig – zag I go!



I love you, Aries!


Adventurer, warm-hearted warrior. He can stand alone, he can push you out of your comfort zone. The motivator that doesn’t know how much he motivates, the big clumsy heart that doesn’t realize how much he inspires.

We love you Aries,
Keep being you!