Work with Scorpio and Taurus – Healing of trauma and world domination

In dealing with our traumatic experiences, we use Scorpio energy


Dealing with our trauma is a prerequisite for reaching the Piscean stage, the stage of completion and healing. Dealing with trauma is a very delicate process, but we might be so hungry for bliss that we walk blindly into the Scorpio stage, and hurt ourselves even more while trying to mend the hurt.Read More »

Heal with Scorpio – I know what you want, but you are not going to get it…

You come with your smile and a thousand lies behind it.

I guess, long ago, a knife pierced your heart, maybe even split it in half. To stop the bleeding, you crafted an armor, and inserted it into your chest. In order to protect that which is most sacred.

But the heart can’t breathe that way. What fuels the heart is the heart of another and its loving beat.Read More »

Heal with Pluto – Life and beyond

I live in two worlds, the World of the Living and the Fields of Death. I cross from one to the other, constantly, as I hear the call.

If I don’t answer the call, I start to fade away. I am not fully alive in the World of the Living, I lose that godlike endurance that you can only attain after you tasted the coldness of death. I am like a ghost, wandering, questioning if I ever had a form, a shape, an existence.Read More »

Rad sa Škorpionom – Ljubav, smrt i osma kuća

Osma kuća natalne karte je kuća u kojoj sve što imamo dijelimo s drugom osobom. Tamo umire naš pojedinačni identitet i padaju sve maske.


Astrološka druga kuća opisuje naše vrijednosti, materijalne ali i nematerijalne. U njoj nalazimo sve naše sposobnosti i talente. U nasuprotnoj, osmoj kući, sve što imamo dijelimo s drugom osobom, i koristimo se svime čime ona raspolaže.Read More »