Morning Contemplations – Gemini and Friends

To study Gemini, look at the complementary sign of Sagittarius and see how they relate.

Look at the Air signs to differentiate the role of Gemini as an Air sign, and look at the squares – the ones that have a different motivation, Pisces and Virgo, so the role of Gemini can crystalize itself.

In this video I looked at the 8, 9 and 10 of Swords, next time I will look into the Magician and the Lovers.

Happy exploration!

Vječna ljubav Blizanaca, vječna ljepota Tratinčice

Slastičarnica u koju volim otići napravila je ovu prekrasnu tortu, i mene natjerala na razmišljanje…


Meni je žuta nekako boja Blizanaca. Vedrina, opuštenost, bezbrižnost. A lijepa je i ova informacija o Tratinčici.

Znak Blizanaca se povezuje sa kartom Ljubavnika, i često je zaljubljive prirode. No, Blizanci samo vole ljude i ne znači da ne mogu voljeti vječno. Oni samo vole mnogo, mnoštvo, mnogo toga. U srcu ima mjesta za sve, jer oni iz trenutka u trenutak prazne srce i pune ga jednom osobom. Svatko od nas će se jednom naći potpuno sam u srcu Blizanca, bar na tren. Idući tren nas više neće biti, jer netko drugi mora zauzeti mjesto u toj maloj komori za pomlađivanje i preporod, srcu Blizanca.

Ali Srce pamti, iako Blizanac možda ne. Srce će u sebe prizvati onog kojeg najviše voli, i Blizanac će napreskokce, voljeći svakoga, nekoga voljeti Vječno.

Feel Gemini through Tarot and Drumming

The Lovers card is associated with Gemini, and The Magician card is associated with planet Mercury, the ruler of Gemini. The messenger, the one who acts as a channel for Divine will. The one who operates outside the perception of Good and Evil. The Trickster in the eyes of the Ego. The superficial Jester who has no taste, no tact, no measure. Truth in its ugliest form, Truth in its most ridiculous form. Play, fun, laughs. The play between two opposites, the meeting of the Lovers. Seeing the Feminine in Masculine form, seeing the Masculine in Feminine form. Rememberance of Sacred Union. Echoes of Divinity.


To connect to the energy of the Magician and the Lovers, read this story about drumming and the relationship between Masculine and Feminine energy:

The benefits of drumming – The Magician

Forgiveness, the mutable signs and the role of Gemini

If you have been hurt, if there is a need to forgive, then you have lived the Piscean story.

We all have a Pisces experience, when we projected our own ideals to another person only to be left in shock when that other turned out to be – someone else! Someone different – from what we presumed to be true.

There is no one to blame (says Pisces, offcourse), but still the pain doesn’t go away. How to heal is sometimes How to forgive.

We start with Pisces, because that’s where it all started. And then, let’s jump around the mutable signs to see how might they help.

They are mutable, they represent change. And since forgivness is that final change of attitude towards the hurtful experience, it is only logical we turn to Gemini, Sagittarius, Virgo and Pisces for help.

Virgo, the little apothecary that brings the bitter cure.

Gemini, the light-hearted one that cuts all ties.

Sagittarius, the all-mighty one that takes us to the other side.

And Pisces, the one that lets go of the ego, and shifts, transcends into a more loving reality.

Into the reality created by Sagittarius.

This stream-of-consciousness story was my playing around with the idea of forgiveness and the steps neccesary to achieve it. I hope you will be inspired to find your own steps, and find a way to heal and forgive. Yourself and others.

Heal with Pisces – how to forgive

Heal with Gemini – Come find me, my Friend

My Friend, come find me.

I want to share my Sadness as much as I want to share my Happiness. Let me be as I am. Come as you are.

Let’s mix, a pinch of my Sadness, a pinch of your Happiness.

And let’s celebrate. Celebrate our loves as much as our losses. Together, we will learn to lose, we will learn to love, and we will learn to lose ourselves in that love.

Then, when the wild water of emotion settles, come find me again.

I need to tell you
All that I lived, all that I felt, all that I saw
And all that I know

I need to tell you
About my Sorrow
As much as about my Joy













Sretan Dan Žena!



Žena, Majka, Carica…


Rad sa Caricom – Carica otvara bal


Poruka za Dan Žena od naše Račice, majke.

Dođi da te zagrlim
Dođi da te volim
Dođi da te njegujem
Nemoj stati

Nemoj se prepasti ljubavi
Nježnosti, osjećaja
Svog umora, slabosti, očaja

Kada si slab, tu sam ja da budem jaka
Zatvori oči, predahni, zaspi
Predaj mi se, odmori
Srce napuni

Be gentle with yourself

Always, forever



The benefits of drumming – The Magician

Drumming with intent is one way to ground our spirit.

The act of drumming acts as a channel, and our spirit is able to push through into this earthy realm and we become more present and aware, of our earthly nature as well as our spiritual, non-bodily nature.

Like the Magician, who is a channel for divine will, through drumming we use our masculine, active side to direct. We direct energy by becoming the hollow reed, by becoming the vehicle through which divine will shall be done.

We remove our small ego self, and make way for pure consciousness to express itself.

With drumming and the Magician, we have the opportunity to experience masculine energy, the energy that is active, directed and focused but in alignment with all that is.


To drum without experience is a very powerful ritual, because you will be relying on your feminine side to surrender and have faith that your hands are moving just as they are supposed to move.

To drum when you don’t know how to drum is an act of respect and trust in your feminine side, and an act of worship of feminine energy in all of us.

It is showing of respect to feminine energy that creates without knowing, but through sensing and feeling.

It is showing of respect to feminine energy that doesn’t know, but still lives according to that knowing.

It is showing of respect to feminine energy that doesn’t speak, but whose existence screams a thousand and one spiritual truths.

It is showing of respect to feminine energy, who lives and dies for her counterpart, the ever so worshiped masculine energy.


Tarot cards and Oracle cards – The Journey is Real

We have always searched for signs outside ourselves to bring out what lies within. The nature that encompasses us was our bigest teacher and ally. We would go for a short walk in the fields, through the woods, along the seashore, and nature would speak to us, in symbols, in patterns, in geometry. We were capable of finding answers by observing life around us – animal life, plant life, mineral life and all of the creations of Mother Earth.

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