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Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer – Never ask to be forgiven

I heard this lyric yesterday. Never ask to be forgiven. My Piscean Sun started pulsating with recognition and curiosity. I heard this before. People following those traditional monotheistic religions say the same thing. Only God can judge you. Some things are only between you and God. Sounds true. But why? Why should you Never ask… Continue reading Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer – Never ask to be forgiven

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Work with Aries – I love you, I believe in you!

The fiery energy of Aries is often misunderstood. A fear-based society reacts negatively to fire energy and its representatives - Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, because as much as people of Fire are unsure of themselves or hurt, they still radiate with the knowledge of how valuable they are. Until the rest of society develops enough courage, confidence and creativity, the fire signs will be criticized.

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Astrološka priča – Spirala života

Ovan juri sam. Ne zna odakle, ne zna kuda, nije ni važno. Jurio bi on i dalje, u beskonačnost, da se nije zabio u Bika. Odleti Ovan malo unazad, odleži onesvješen satima i kad otvori oči - Bik. Ispred njega. S košarom. Punom plodova. Darovi Majke Zemlje. Primamljivo to izgleda Ovnu, makar nikada ništa od… Continue reading Astrološka priča – Spirala života