Whispers of kindness…

Be kind to yourself.

The voices inside of your head – do they have to be mean? Do they have to be strict? The thoughts you have about yourself – do they have to be so unkind?

In your aloneness, in your loneliness, doesn’t it make more sense to be loving? To whisper to yourself words of kindness?

The words you never speak are the words you will never hear.

So what will you say to yourself now, that brings comfort, understanding, serenity?

Say it,
And wait for your words
To come back


Work with Pisces and Aries – You will have to leave this world behind


Transcendent Pisces is here to spoil the fun.

But you Aries, go, have fun. Go, and don’t look back. You are running to that place you came from anyway. Run, go ahead, there is nothing to lose. All that you had at the Beginning is waiting for you in the End.

Don’t get distracted by the ups and downs. You are bouncing around a straight line, you are not losing your way. The path you chose in the Beginning is the path that leads you to the End.

Bounce, have fun. Go up and down. Just take a moment, here and there, to stop, calm down, and walk the line. Every now and then, walk the line, so you remember that you are in alignment. You always were, you always will be.

Now go! Bounce!

Have your ups and downs, before the line dissolves, and becomes the Ocean. Before you turn into a drop, a wave, the Infinte Waters.

Honor your Inner Aries – The Warrior starts

The determination to succeed and the firm belief that all is possible are at the core of Arian energy.

It is the energy of a warrior that storms into the unknown with the intent to bring forth new creation. He himself won’t create, but he will set the blueprint for creation. He will call in the forces of nature and start the process with his call. He will perish, but his creation will unfold. He won’t live to see the manifestation, but in the manifestation, we will be able to recognize him.

The wild, ludicrous calls to action will now make sense, when the seed has sprouted. The madness will look like courage, the primal screams will sound like Love.

Take a moment and honor your Aries life phases. The times when no one believed in you, but you decided to believe in yourself. When you were the loudest one, pushing those around you forward, because you believed in them, even though they didn’t believe in themselves. When you chose to go in a new direction, completely unknown and unexplored. When you decided to be deaf to fear based murmurs, when you decided to listen to nobody but yourself, when you decided to follow nothing but the call of your heart.

Take a breath and honor yourself for your most courageous moments, for your most loving starts.

Honor your Inner Aries 💕♈💕

Work with Aries – So much to explore!

And death

My journey is not a straight line, there is so much on this Earth to explore! I know I am on the road back to my Beginning, so why not enjoy? Why not experience all that I can experience?

My Beginning is waiting for me, there, at the End. So I won’t rush. I know my Beginning, I am very well acquainted with the End. But the Middle?

Ah, the juicy, unexplored world in between. The unknown, the unseen. There is no time to waste, since there is no time. And there are no moments that can be missed, because we are the ones who create moments, as we please.

My moments I will create by going far out to one side, then slide back to the other. No straight line for me. Oh no! There are so many moments to be explored! So, zig – zag I go!



I love you, Aries!


Adventurer, warm-hearted warrior. He can stand alone, he can push you out of your comfort zone. The motivator that doesn’t know how much he motivates, the big clumsy heart that doesn’t realize how much he inspires.

We love you Aries,
Keep being you!



The element of Fire – Approaching the flames…

To honor the element of Fire, believe in yourself. Believe that you are strong, worthy and irreplaceable in the web of life. Without you, nothing would be the same. Have courage to be true and authentic, and never doubt that your existence has deep impact on the rest of the world.

Like fire, you bring the new, you bring change. Your life is a small but powerful contribution to the evolution of consciousness. Like fire, you burn, you give light. You destroy the useless, you give love to the usefull. Your love is what makes life grow and prosper.


Ribo, ti znaš

Ti znaš.

Oduvijek si znao
O svima

Pa što ti preostaje
Nego da šutiš
Sjediš u tišini
I gledaš

Sve budalaštine i nepravde ovoga svijeta

Pa što ti preostaje
Nego da šutiš i voliš
Kad već znaš sve ono što će drugi saznati
Tek na kraju svoga puta
Tek na drugoj strani
Tek nakon isplakanih svih tvojih suza

Što ti preostaje?

Samo da voliš
Samo da šutiš
Samo da čekaš
Samo da postojiš

Što ti preostaje osim ljubavi
I poneke suze sućuti

Što ti preostaje osim da osjećaš
I svakoga
Kao da si to ti sam
Kao da si jedno sa svime
I svakime
I da te ništa ne dijeli niti od Boga
Niti od ljudi

Ne preostaje ti ništa
Nego da se kupaš u oceanu beskrajne ljubavi
Da zatvoriš oči
Zadržiš dah

Ponadaš se.

Ponadaš se jednom boljem svijetu
U kojemu svi nalikuju tebi
U kojemu svi očajnički žele voljeti
I svakoga

Ponadaš se…

I nikada se ne prestaneš nadati

Nikada ne prestaneš vjerovati
U ovaj svijet
Ove ljude
I u Boga koji živi kroz njihova tijela

Heal with Aquarius – Somebody will lose a Friend

It was just a loss
In this confusion

In this madness, in this hell

It was just a loss
And this time it was us

We are the ones that lost a Friend

This time it was us
Next time it will be them

But each time
Somebody will lose a Friend

Each time, somebody will lose a Life
Somebody will lose a Heart

And can we dream of something else
Instead of us versus them?

Because each time
Somebody will lose a Friend

This time it was us,
Next time it will be them

But each time
Somebody will lose a Friend