Let’s play! Intuition and Imagination

Dixit is such a fun game where we develop our imagination. We learn to read symbols and then give them our own meaning. The cards are mostly whimsical and quirky so much that our logical left-brain remains speechless. There are cards that are pretty straightforward with their depiction, but we need some of those as well.

If you want to play, to develop your intuition, imagination, and the ability to interpret reality through symbols, look at the card.


Look at the card.
Give it meaning.
Put that meaning into words.


Your intuition has spoken!

P.S. I used Dixit as Oracle cards for my Yearly reading for 2018. When the year came to end, I revisited the messages I had left for myself. I was amazed with the precision and loving insight. I was a true Oracle 😃

Whispers of kindness…

Be kind to yourself.

The voices inside of your head – do they have to be mean? Do they have to be strict? The thoughts you have about yourself – do they have to be so unkind?

In your aloneness, in your loneliness, doesn’t it make more sense to be loving? To whisper to yourself words of kindness?

The words you never speak are the words you will never hear.

So what will you say to yourself now, that brings comfort, understanding, serenity?

Say it,
And wait for your words
To come back