Morning Contemplations – The sexual energy of Fire

Sexual energy is creative energy, so let’s talk to the creators of the zodiac, Fire signs!

By exploring the fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius we gain insight into our creative, sexual nature.

In the Minor Arcana of the Tarot, the suit of Wands can describe in more detail the stages of development of Fire.

To feel the energy of Aries more deeply, take a look at the 2, 3 and 4 of Wands.

To connect to Leo explore 5, 6 and 7 of Wands.

To feel Sagittarius examine 8, 9 and 10 of Wands.

In the Major Arcana, I explored The Emperor to feel Aries, Strength to examine Leo, and Temperance and The Wheel of Fortune to explore Sagittarius (The Wheel of Fortune is associated with Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, and it did provide very useful insight).

My thoughts you can find in the video, yours – in your own brilliant mind!

Have fun and blessed be!


Morning Contemplations – Let’s talk about Aries!

When you want to gain more understanding about a particular sign, take a look at the complementary sign, the squaring signs and the trines.

Complementary signs are the opposite poles of the same story, and they work together to create a harmonious whole. For Aries, it is Libra.

The squaring signs have a different motivation, they are in conflict. Through their interaction, squaring signs refine their actions and grow through adversity, through difficulty, through restriction. For Aries, we have Cancer and Capricorn.

The trines are the signs of the same element, and those are the signs that understand each other and get along. They depict three stages of development – Initiation, Sustaining, Change. Like three friends working on a project, each one fulfilling a task. And since they are so similar, we compare their expression to get to know each of them in more detail. For Aries, we have the fire signs Sagittarius and Leo.

Take a look at Aries and Libra What story do they share? How do they help each other stay in balance?

Take a look at Cancer and Capricorn How do they differ from Aries? What is their motivation that makes them so different? And how do they help Aries stay in balance?

Examine Leo and Sagittarius What does Fire want to express in those signs? How is it different from Aries?


Contemplate, enjoy!

And blessed be!


Morning Contemplations – Compassion and Cruelty with the suit of Swords

I wanted to look into the suit of Swords and see how can we convey the messages of Air with a little more compassion. We tend to be hard on ourselves when our Mind runs free, disconnected from the Heart. Then our emotional self holds resentment towards the Mind, we don’t trust it anymore and we refuse to even think. But to stop using our Minds is never a good idea. We are our Mind, as much as we are our Emotions. They are equally important, equally valuable.

So let’s bring some love back to the cold winds of Truth. Let’s fly back to serenity.

Rad s Ovnom – Nemoj tako. E baš hoću!


Tko ti je rekao da staneš, tko ti je rekao da se zaustavljaš?

Meni su šapnuli, nemoj tako silovito, tako direktno, tako naprasno…

Rekli su mi da šutim, da promislim, da se uskladim sa svijetom.

Ali ja neću, ne želim!

Ne želim šutjeti, venem!
Ne želim stati, sahnem!
Ne želim ne tražiti više!
Hoću još i još i još!
I hoću da svi zajedno želimo još i još i još!

Čemu da stanemo, da se zaustavimo na starom?

Ginemo, venemo, propadamo. Nismo više živi!

Sigurni smo, da, sigurni možemo dočekati Smrt. A Smrt će nas lako naći ako ne pokrenemo svoju životnu silu, ako se ne prepustimo životu, ako ne ispucamo svoje sveto sjeme, ako ne začnemo nešto novo!

Umiremo ljudi, umiremo!

Umiremo sigurni, umiremo zastarjeli i umiremo živi!

A svejedno je, Smrt nas ionako čeka.
Ne moramo mi čekati nju.
I ne moramo umirati zastarjeli.
Umrimo obnovljeni.
Ponesimo na drugi svijet prekrasna sjećanja na ovaj.

Poštovanje! Poštovanje prema Životu, kakav je ovdje, kakav je sada!

Tome me naučio Jarac. A mislio je da ga ne slušam… ♑💕♈

Let’s play! Intuition and Imagination

Dixit is such a fun game where we develop our imagination. We learn to read symbols and then give them our own meaning. The cards are mostly whimsical and quirky so much that our logical left-brain remains speechless. There are cards that are pretty straightforward with their depiction, but we need some of those as well.

If you want to play, to develop your intuition, imagination, and the ability to interpret reality through symbols, look at the card.


Look at the card.
Give it meaning.
Put that meaning into words.


Your intuition has spoken!

P.S. I used Dixit as Oracle cards for my Yearly reading for 2018. When the year came to end, I revisited the messages I had left for myself. I was amazed with the precision and loving insight. I was a true Oracle 😃

Whispers of kindness…

Be kind to yourself.

The voices inside of your head – do they have to be mean? Do they have to be strict? The thoughts you have about yourself – do they have to be so unkind?

In your aloneness, in your loneliness, doesn’t it make more sense to be loving? To whisper to yourself words of kindness?

The words you never speak are the words you will never hear.

So what will you say to yourself now, that brings comfort, understanding, serenity?

Say it,
And wait for your words
To come back