Working with Ascended Masters – Mary Magdalene and Archangel Michael

Recently, I joined a journey called the Medicine Keepers of the Blue Violet Ray. Archangel Michael is one of the main guys in charge of the journey, along with Sirian Lion beings, Dolphins and Whales.

I have never worked with AA Michael. Only this year I have developed an obssesion with lions when my Youtube page became flooded with recommendations for lion clips, due to my eager expectation of The Lion King movie and constant replay of the trailer. The Dolphins came to me around this time last year, promising some new information on sensuality and sexuality but to this day they remain silent. I am not mad. I will wait, be patient. They did teach me how to play, I have to give them credit for that. Last year was a very playful time. Sexless time, but still, playful time. Thank you, Dolphins. And Whales? Well, they are here, somewhere in the background. We have met, in a dimension much different than this one, that I still have access to.

Mary Magdalene. Ah, Her I know. And I await my Initiation in December so I can work by her side.

Being a good student that I am, I wanted to dedicate myself completely to the Blue Violet Ray journey. Our teacher, our guide, Beth Katherine, made a wonderful itinerary filled with meditations, prayer and ceremony, and created a space where we could connect, interact and ask her for guidance. I will not disappoint! I will do my best! I will not take her hard work for granted, and I will participate with all my heart, all my awarness, all my spirit!


Mary Magdalene.

I am hers, she is mine. In December I receive my Initiation, but my Initiation has already started. I am with her, she is with me. How can I weave her into this journey? Will it be cheating? I feel in my heart I can take her in, I already put the pink hue in my altar. Am I already cheating? I don’t wan’t to disappoint. I respect my teacher and all her hard work.

Those were the thoughts in the back of my head this morning, when I was sitting by the altar (receiving my first messages from Sirian Lion beings, yaaaay). Even the fact that my teacher was on the way to Paris, ready to honor Mary Magdalene, among other beings and Masters, didn’t soothe my mind completely. I needed more confirmation, a green light to mix it up.

In the afternoon, I went to the library, to return some books. When I got there, I suddenly decided to take something new. Usually I spend and hour or two browsing for books, but today I felt I needed to be quick. There is no time to waste, I have things to do. I said to myself – AA Michael, let me know what I need. I glance at a title – The Witch and the Rain. I take the book, look at the short summary – A woman burnt alive because of her love for a friar, a woman fighting for her love for a catholic priest, aaaaaand

The love of Mary Magdalene for Jesus.


When I got home, I realized the book cover was blue violet.

Like I needed any more confirmation.

(Ok, I guess I did. It’s my Saturnian sceptical nature)

Blessings to you all
Love to all beings

Surrender your excuses

All of your problems have become only excuses not to become something more.

Something more beautiful, something lighter, something wiser.


Surrender your excuses to me and move on.

I will do everything so my Dreams can come true.


My Dreams of you being powerful, majestic, strong

Successful and fulfilled

Loved and loving

Blessed be


Cancer – Leave me be, with all my insecurities

Leave me be, with all my insecurities

Leave me be, shy, silent and insecure

Love is with me, leave me be

Let me be afraid, weak and restless
Let me disillusioned, lost
Let me not know

Let me be wrong when everybody else is right
Let me not be ashamed if I lose fight after fight

Let me be down on the ground, beaten by the cruelty of life
Don’t pick me up, don’t try to help
Just throw away your knife

Don’t make another cut
When you see I am not strong
Love is with me, leave me be, it won’t take long

I need to cherish those moments
When I felt humiliated, ruined, rejected
Love is with me, leave me be, I am divinely guided and protected

I need to be someone you are not
Someone you never want to become
Love is with me, leave me be, it’s my madness, you can run

Love is with me, leave me be
In this darknes, in my madness, in this hell

Love is with me, leave me be

And all will be well

Heal with Cancer – I need a different life

🍉 ♋ 🍉

I need a different life.

I respect what we have built so far, but I can’t help myself, I feel troubled, I feel weak, I feel helpless. Something is wrong.

I need a different life. I can feel something is wrong. I don’t know why, I don’t know what. But we need a different life.

I respect what we have begun, but we began building on the ruins of the old, because the old what the best we knew. I understand. But still, I need something else. I need a different life.

We gathered new information, we went to heavens and down, you can’t tell me that you won’t change your mind. Because something is wrong. I don’t know why, I don’t know what. But we need a different life.

I can sense, I can feel. All the wrong I feel as pain, all the right sets me right. I feel safe, I feel full. So why won’t you listen to me? Why are feelings not enough? How come you can hear words, but feelings you keep out of sight?

I feel, and this is how I know. I know what will happen before it happens, because I can feel it forming. And you who are conforming, you do not see the tidal waves that are ready to emerge.

And after the destruction, you will rush to construction, leaving out reason and the need for clarification. Because you don’t want me to know before you know. You don’t want your bullet-proof plans to be exposed as mere illusions of an adolescent boy.

I am telling you. We need a different life. Don’t grab my hand and pull me in the direction I don’t want to go. Don’t. I feel something is wrong. I feel hurt, I’m in pain. And your indifference makes me feel betrayed.

Can’t you hear me?

I’m in pain. You stick to the old, it hurts me. I need relief, I need comfort, I need kindness, I need your love. I know something is wrong. We need to start a different life.

🍉 ♑ 🍉

Love letter from Cancer – I want that kind, childlike love

You say I am a childish believer
In an overly sweet, candy type of love

But if you said my hair resembles gold
And my lips look like they taste of wine

Maybe I would be kissing you now
And call your strong hands mine

Instead you pretend…

That my presence doesn’t remind you
Of that innocent, childlike love

And you choose to be ashamed

But our childlike nature is a gift
As is our ability to love
To play
To be sweet
To be kind

So, maybe…
I could change your mind?

Maybe you can open up
And let that sweetness flow
Maybe you can say a few kind words
And see my face start to glow

Bacause all I wait for
Are moments of kindness

Moments of sweetness
Moments of innocence
Moments of pure, liberating love

So come to me
When you see that all that shame and shyness make no sense

Come to me when you are ready
For this innocent, pure, childlike love

For sweetness
That is locked in my lips

For gentleness
That I carry in my hands

Work with Cancer – Our Ancestors

Are you familiar with your family tree? Do you know your roots? Do you understand those that came before you and gave you life? Your Mother and Father, your Grandmothers and Grandfathers, and so on? Do you see a pattern in your Family line? What experiences are repeating themselves in your Family line? Are you using the knowledge of your ancestors to better your life? Do memories of your ancestors inspire you to do better? To bring more awareness into your existence?

These are the questions of Cancer. This Water sign can be a portal to other times and dimensions where your Family awaits you. This is your small, immediate Family in the Web of All life. You are connected to all that is, but you still have a small fraction of that web that you call Family. They are your own, you are made of them, they will be made of you. A small whirlpool with such power of attraction. No matter where you are, no matter when you are, you will always be pulled back to your Family.

Do you know? Who your Family is? Do they live now? Do they live on this Planet? Or will you have to use the portal of Cancer to contact them in times different than these, on Planets never seen before?


Understand Cancer – Family, Home, Emotion


Everybody needs family, to feel wanted, nurtured, safe, loved. The motivation of Cancer is to find such an emotional anchor. Sometimes, we will find Family in the unlikeliest of Souls, but our Hearts will tell us loud and clear where we belong.

Here, a fawn adoption in process…



You are Me and I am You, but sometimes I get on my own nerves.

Cats are territorial and so are we when it comes to our energy field. We don’t like when our boundaries are being crossed, but in Cancer we experiment with who we let in, what we let out. We open up the borders of our Universe for the energy of others to enter, and only when we take them in, we can decide if we want to spit them out.


It can be messy sometimes. It is the process of I need you, but don’t fucking touch me. I want to feel what you feel like, but don’t come and overwhelm me with your energy. I will open up the gates of my home to you, but don’t steal my house. Don’t make me your possession just because I took a taste of you.

Just like with food, we need to try. We need to taste and then see how it sits in our stomach. The knowing is not immediate, it takes time for us to experience the energy so then we can make our final judgement.

Do I want your energy or not.

Do I want to take you in, or do I want to spit you out.

Rak i njegovi kardinalni prijatelji…

Dosta je. Dosta je negiranja svega što je Žensko, Osjetljivo, Nježno, Osjećajno, Tiho, Njegujuće.

Dosta je vaših Lažnih Lica kojima se dodvoravate društvu, dok u srcu osjećate nešto drugačije, imate neku drugu Potrebu.

Dosta je prešućivanja vlastitih Potreba, dosta je Sramežljivosti i Plahosti. Vrijeme je da se društvene strukture protrese Emocijom, da progovore glasovi onih koji ovo Društvo čine.

Vrijeme je da budemo nezadovoljni onime što smo stvorili, da cendramo, vrištimo, plačemo, padamo u nesvijest od očaja, pa da se temelji dotrajalih zdanja uruše od naše tuge i našeg razočaranja.

Vrijeme je da slušamo jedni druge, da pričamo o našim povrijeđenostima, bolima, sramotama, da priznamo jedni drugima ono što smatramo da su bile greške, da se izljubimo, izgrlimo, pružimo si potporu i krenemo dalje.

Da krenemo dalje sa sjećanjem na ono najgore sa mišlju ‘Ne ponovilo se nikad’, da hrabro trpimo uspomene na gorke dane da ne bi zastranili, pa da umjesto nečeg novog ne izgradimo opet istu nezamislivo blesavu priču.

Držimo se svoje boli grčevito, da nam bude putokaz, da nas podsjeti kuda ne ići, kuda ne skrenuti.

Primimo svoje suze kao jedini lijek, jedinu pomoć na tom dugačkom, mukotrpnom putu prema visinama, prema Dostojanstvu, prema Integritetu, prema Samodostatnosti.

Da na kraju puta stojimo sami u visinama i gledamo rijeku naših isplakanih suza kako poji druge duše u nevolji, kako im donosi olakšanje, okrepu, izliječenje.

Da na kraju puta stojimo sami i shvatimo – i za druge se isplatilo živjeti.

End of Gemini season, transition into Cancer

How did you spend the end of Gemini season?

I took the role of a Journalist and made an interview! The magic of Gemini brought curiosity and willingness to listen, so I could ask the right questions and extract more valuable information.


We’re transitioning into Cancer, and the topics in question were related to Women, Feeling, Emotion balanced out with Cancers counterpart, Capricorn – Business, Grand Scale Projects, Established Society.

How does Feeling, Womanhood, Femininty get around in Structure, Established Society, that was the question.


To be or not to be, no, that wasn’t the question.

How to Feel while Building an Empire,

that was the question.

But now, the Gemini is gone. I hope you asked all the right questions, got all your needed answers, so you can retreat into Cancers womb and digest all that has been happening to you.

It’s not the time to think, now comes the time to feel.

Morning Contemplations – Gemini, the Magician and the Lovers

Morning Contemplations at its best!

I love how new ideas come to mind when I start making a video… My ego-intention was to talk about the Magician and the Lovers, but mostly about the Magician and his Lies, the ability of Mercury to change reality. But very soon into the video, I had no words left for the Magician, my voice was called by the Lovers, and it was so much fun!

My favourite insight was about the glyphs of Gemini and Cancer 😃

What else can you find? Here’s a small peak:


The Magicians way to start the day
The Lovers, the glyph of Gemini and Cancer
We take in, we unite – from Gemini to Cancer and then Sagittarius
The glyph of Sagittarius – what happens when polarities unite
From projecting our shadow side on others in Lovers to harmonious union with ourselves and others in Temperance

Those were my favourite ideas that came through this video

Contemplate on the cards, enjoy!