Shadows and Light


Time to embrace our differences and enjoy in the diversity this Planet offers, to fall in love with the power of expression of the divine spark. We may not enjoy every shape the divine spark takes on, but we are free, we are travelers, we are explorers, we can move on to new paths…

Maybe we are just the laziest universe explorers and we agreed to inhabit one Planet, where each of us will serve as a portal to a completely different world. Our friends, lovers, family members, co-workers are all a gate to that different world.

Which can be scary at times, but if we go back to our center, to our home, to the place where fear cannot reach, there will just be awe, amazement, bewilderment.

We will become a curious child staring at a star gate, watching a most incredible show. Stars forming and collapsing, planets traveling and colliding…

Let’s look at each other like the miracle we are.


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