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Fire – The energy of anger

When sadness or anger set in, the first instinct is to dispose of the pain. If we move too quickly we might lash out, take our anger out on others or blame.

But take a minute, perceive this anger just as a mere energetic impulse. Don’t connect it to a thought, idea. Don’t look for a cause, just feel the energy. Raw. Isn’t it easier when the energy doesn’t have a label, a name, a story attached to it? It will be easier to manage, because it doesn’t have any additional baggage, the heaviness of the mental construct.

At first glance, the element of air is light and shouldn’t be causing that many problems. But in moments of overthinking, we all experience the immense power of the element of air can have. It binds us, instead of moving us swiftly and quickly. We are left immobile, in one place. A place where we are not comfortable in. We try to escape, the fire of our anger eating us away, but the force of air keeps us circling around the issue. We are in a tornado, in a whirlpool, constantly in turbulence, bet never really going anywhere, or solving the issue.

Anger is a fiery, fast, explosive and creative emotion. The core of it’s impulse is to move forward and create. When we feel anger, we are signaled that there is something we are passionate about in that situation. There is something we want to make, create or change, immediately, but feel we are blocked.

Learning to control the flow of prana means to use the energy of fire in moderate, conscious manner, which will lead to creation, not destruction.

If you act on anger right away, you might create a mediocre result or destroy something else valuable to you in the process. Fighting for what you believe in unconsciously and rashly, you might destroy something else that you hold equally as important.
When you become strong enough to master that explosive energy, that you use it instead of it using you, you will create something worthwhile.

Feel the fiery energy as it is, play with it, use it. You can dance, run, sing, clean the house, quietly sit and move the energy up and down your spine. Have fun with the prana, play with the chi. That’s all that anger is. Prana. One manifestation of it. Model it like clay.

If you create, rather than just pushing out that fiery impulse, if you play with it, when the dust settles, you can use your rational mind to it’s full capacity. Your mind can function without interruptions, without crazed anger attacks, and you can discuss, listen, evaluate, share opinions, find a resolution. Your fiery energy can give life to the conversation and direct energy with integrity and respect for the other person.

Fire gives life, and destroys it. Choose how you use your power, manage your energy field wisely.


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