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Mercury – the power of our words

Mercury is a planet of alchemy, of moment to moment change.

We use words as a tool of magic – that which we speak, we become. What we voice changes the world around us.

The planet of expression therefore becomes the magic wand with which we instantly turn our world around.

With its volatile nature, it has a short term effect. So we don’t have to be afraid of using the power of our voice – the words we put out, we can always withdraw, we can always change and transmute if the Mercurian side of ourselves decides so.

But beware of repetition. The immense force of Mercury can bring forth instant change, but also set in stone that which we repeat over and over. Our momentary views might become the laws of the world we percieve if voiced constantly.

So with Mercury, we experiment, we try out. We say, we see the effects of the said. We choose whether to say it again, or maybe express ourselves differently.

What we express, we begin to materialize. If we are persistent, it will be so.


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