Cancer · Pisces · Scorpio · Shadows and Light

We meet, we fall in love, we say Goodbye

We meet, we fall in love
We let ourselves be devoured by the night
And be born again in that Love

The Sun comes out
We look at each other
We are not there

You are not the You I knew
You look at me with the same astonishment

Fear crawls into our blood
Becomes the poison that eats away all that was Love

We turn away


The thread that once tied us together is vanishing
Vanishing from this material world

It cannot be seen anymore without divine eyes
Without flying into etheric planes

It still lives there, as does every true love that has ever shown it’s face on Planet Earth.

It lives on the field of dreams that were once true, along with all the hopes that turned into reality, and then mysteriously vanished into divine light, into smoke, into divine clouds now drifting in our sky…

…reminding us of what once was, reminding us that hopes and dreams do come true, that the reality we crave for is nothing but another dream. And shifting from one beautiful dream to another, we travel through eternity.

We say Goodbye and disappear in lands where the goodbye does not exist…


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