Shadows and Light · The Mystery

Are we running out of time?

Contemplation on the Tzolkin card of The Sacred Geometry Oracle


A feeling that we aren’t moving fast enough, that we should be doing something else at this point in time.

A feeling that we are going to lose something that might be ours, that we already lost something because we didn’t act properly at the right time.


These ideas fit well into the picture when we see time as something separate from us. When we see Time as a moving train, and we see ourselves running beside it. And when we project our hopes and dreams onto that train.

Yes, then we should be afraid. Everything we want is away from us, waiting at some point… in Time. But the Train, the Time, it is running! Away from us! Will we be able to act at the right moment? Will we succeed? Will we jump, catch the Train and live through the experience we crave for so much?

Or it could also be going to damn slow. Then it would seem that the things we desire the most are holding us back, we want to move forward, to somewhere new, but no, they won’t let us. We are running beside the train, frustrated, our hearts tied to the train car behind, our minds wanting to jump into the one in front.


But what about Space? Location?

Where am I?

I am at this location. I am inside a certain structure – a house, a country, a planet. It encompasses me, gives the structure so I can have the stage where I’ll live through an experience. I am part of that structure, also. I have a body, it is also a place where I dwell, just like a house, a country, a planet. I don’t fear that Space will just disappear, that I will lose it. Because I am a part of it. And I can’t just disappear, can I?

So can we look at Time as a similar map? Can we look at a moment as a home we choose to live in, as a home that we are part of? Can we look at one point in time as a part of us? As something we belong to, as something that belongs to us? Can we embrace it completely?

And maybe, remember we are Star travelers, that picked this place, this time, because it seemed – fun? And that we can choose different points in the Map of Time to be born into?

That map – we call it the calendar. And with the right map, guess what, you can travel through time.



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