I honour the masculine energy


I honour the masculine energy.

The energy that directs, and doesn’t force.

The energy that does, and lets others do as well.

The energy of intent, that’s wise enough to let things unfold according to that intent.

The energy that channels the Divine and flows from the sacred space of the heart.

The energy that is conceived in neutrality and sees beyond the good and the bad.

The energy that only sees what needs to be done.

The energy that acts on the basis of the Divine blueprint.

The one that might push me towards the Light, or might steer me towards the Dark. The one that will lead me to the experience I chose to live through.

The one that doesn’t judge or see my choices as good or bad.

All in all, it’s just experience.

That moulds me into who I wanted to become before I started this journey.




My masculine energy directs me towards the exploration of the Feminine, of the Emotion, of the Magical, of the Poetic.

It’s on a mission to believe in the unbelievable.




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