Heal with The Devil – Pan Calling


The Devil



You worship only the Good, fail to love the Bad. You fail to love the Rotten, the Decomposing, the Filthy, the Corrupt.

You worship, but you do not Love.


Doesn’t that make you
the one that is Rotten

Aren’t you the one that is Untrue?

You swear by Love, but the fragrance of Love cannot be found in you.


I stink, I decompose, I die.
The nature in me I won’t deny.

I love life as much as I love death,
And all that happens in between.

I am the Devil, Spirit of Nature, follow my footsteps, be my Queen.

Don’t run off, I want to teach you
about the earthy side of Love

You have to come Below

To be able to see the Above

Meet me, see me, and you will never regret

The day you once cursed

The day we met


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