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Work with Scorpio and Taurus – Healing of trauma and world domination

In dealing with our traumatic experiences, we use Scorpio energy


Dealing with our trauma is a prerequisite for reaching the Piscean stage, the stage of transcendence and healing. Dealing with trauma is a very delicate process, but we might be so hungry for bliss that we walk blindly into the Scorpio stage, and hurt ourselves even more while trying to mend the hurt.

If you are one of those people, or it’s one of those days, these are some things to keep in mind:

The opposite of Scorpio is Taurus, and you need the Taurian energy to be able to make it through the process in a balanced way. Be in touch with your body, because Scorpio, in it’s extreme, will leave the physical body, and you might get lost in your emotions, in your emotional body. That is the time when Scorpio loses contact with the real world and might get paranoid.

Balance the Scorpio in you with activities that engage your physical body, and nothing but the physical body. Walk, clean the house, carry weight, give yourself massages, touch your body in a way that grounds you, that gives you pleasure and release. Traumatic experiences are the most shocking experiences we went through, they are the ones that make us want to withdraw from life. By feeling safe in our bodies, by feeling pleasure in our bodies, we are signaling our spirit that the Earth is a safe enjoyable place, where we can find satisfaction, fulfillment and love, all aspects of the Taurian world. With the voice of Scorpio, we are calling our spirit back to the land of Taurus, the physical existence.

The spirit world can be reached with the voice of Scorpio, but the Scorpio needs to know how to give directions back to physical existence. So when you use your Scorpio voice to contact and call in the parts of yourself that are still too afraid to live, be sure that you have also developed the voice of Taurus. Your Taurian energy will know how to take in those lost pieces, and take care of them in the physical world until they are ready to walk outside on their own. You need to be very grounded, to have a routine you can get back to after doing work in the spirit world, to have activities in your routine that engage the body.

Also, with your Scorpio energy, you will give yourself extreme love and understanding, you will give yourself immense power of unconditional love, so you need to ground yourself not to become addicted to that sense of power. The power of holding space for your good and your bad, for holding yourself up all on your own can be intoxicating and can make you believe that you are powerful enough to control the world. You have put your own chaotic inner world under control for the first time, and you might be tempted to take that newfound power and try to control those around you, the outside world. Again, turn back to your antidote, Taurus, and do simple, down-to-earth tasks. Learn about humility once again. You do not rule the world. The world, Planet Earth, has its rules and you are living by them. There will be day, then there will be night, and there will be so many other things you cannot control from your small ego self. Go into nature when you need a reminder that not everything revolves around you and your desires. 


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