Shadows and Light

Heal with Water – Dark night of the Soul


I cry, I feel you, but you are no longer here.

You are gone. Our dreams are gone. My dreams are gone. And so am I.

Lost in sadness, lost in Love. Which saddens me even more.

What do I do?


I have to have what I want! I have wisdom, power, love! Love for myself, love for you!

I go on, I continue, relentlessly!

But I forget to cry…


I can see the experience, but I do not feel the experience.

I search for solutions in my mind, but they are nowhere to be found.

I try to see it. Do I really need to feel it? Do I?


I lost you. But can you come back, so I can lose you again?

And can I keep losing you, each day, every hour?

Can you walk out on me every minute, can you be disappearing every second?

I feel that nothingness is the right way to go.

3 thoughts on “Heal with Water – Dark night of the Soul

  1. Can anybody help me now i am lost, alone and empty, everything and everyone that i had now is gone.I want my life and my dreams back!How?

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