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Aquarian challenge – Interspecies communication

Aquarius is an Air sign, and one aspect of Air is communication.

In Gemini, we communicate to those living nearby, Libra strives to establish diplomatic relationships with those we see as foreign, and Aquarius has the need to see the world as a web of equals, and therefore goes in search of a universal language.

We are more and more connected amongst the human race through internet and a few predominant languages, but in these Aquarian times we also feel the need to communicate to our other equals – souls from the Animal kingdom, the Plant kingdom, the Mineral kingdom, the Spirits of Place.

To bring out your inner Aquarius, ask yourself – who do you feel most connected to outside the human race? Who do you feel most related to?

Is it Big Cats? Birds? Fish?

Trees? Flowers?

Mountains? Rivers? Streams?

A certain mineral or crystal?

When you find your closest relative outside the human race, start the communication. Connect from heart to heart, establish the friendship and learn from each other. Soak up the wisdom of your nearest non-human relative and spread that wisdom all around the world.

Let’s be Aquarians, let’s all learn from each other!

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