Tarot · The Mystery

Tarot cards and Oracle cards – The Journey is Real

We have always searched for signs outside ourselves to bring out what lies within. The nature that encompasses us was our bigest teacher and ally. We would go for a short walk in the fields, through the woods, along the seashore, and nature would speak to us, in symbols, in patterns, in geometry. We were capable of finding answers by observing life around us – animal life, plant life, mineral life and all of the creations of Mother Earth.


We are part of that Mother, and as humans, we contributed with our creations. We mimicked her creation process and brought in our children, our ideas, our visions.

Tarot cards and oracle cards are such creations. Creations of us humans, so we could have the whole world in the palm of our hand, to be able to reach to that world when in search of answers. To be able to take a walk in imaginary woods, mythical fields and etheric oceans, so we can reach the essence of our being through imagination.


It’s a vision quest, a very real trip through various dimensions of our existence. We have created cards as portals that will take us to places long forgoten, places soon to come.

The journey is real. As real as any other dimension of existence we are not fully able to perceive yet. But we have made our portals, and we will walk through them.

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