Aquarius · Pisces · Shadows and Light

Pisces becomes Aquarius – The Beautiful Mind

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, I was spending my days addicted to love. Here and there, I would be talking to the Wind, listening to stories of my magnificence.

One day, an Image of me was brought by the Wind into my world of Love.

The Wind stoped telling me tales of my magnificence, but it shouldn’t have been a problem.

I should have been able to see my divinty in the eyes of my Image. Its eyes should have been able to see the divinty in me, and in its eyes I should have been able to find myself.

But that didn’t happen.

In its eyes there was nothing but ice. Nothing but a cold wind from the North, blowing with force in my direction.

The cold wind entered my body, and flew right through. The last spark of fire was blown away by the wind, and I died.

The I died.

My stiff body was still in place, looking into the same cold eyes, trying to find fire where fire will never be found.

My mind was perplexed, puzzled, drawn in by the fierce wind and caught up in an never-ending loop of its chaotic motion. All was still, yet my mind went wild.

My heart ran away and hid inside itself, so it was neither there nor gone. It was neither frozen nor lovingly living, but in a strange game of hiding from itself.

My spirit had wandered off, frightened, terrified, to moments past, to moments to come, where the cold winds didn’t blow, and where there were no eyes of ice to look into.

So much was going on, and at the same time, nothing was changing. My body, my mind, my heart and my spirit were stuck. The heart was chasing its own tail, the spirit was everywhere but not here, the mind was twisting and turning in the same place, and the body just gave up.

The Body needed Spirit, the Spirit needed Heart, the Heart was desperately calling the Mind, and the Mind needed a whisper of love that will overpower the noise of the cold winds of the North.

So the Body, the Spirit and the Heart gathered together.

What happened? asked the Body.

The I died. I was in shock, just like the rest of you. But I think the Mind is having the hardest time. What can we do? – said the Spirit.

Oh, oh! I know! – the Heart replied –We can think of a new I!

Great idea! – said the Body – But there’s only one problem. The Mind is in charge of the thinking…   

The Heart wasn’t giving up – Okay… We’ll just have to dream up an I so the Mind can think of it. 

I think that will work – silently said the Spirit.

Oh! Oh! I just had another idea! – the Heart was shaking with excitement – Do you see? We are thinking! There must be a mind in every one of us! And if there is a mind in every one of us, then every one of us has to live in the Mind as well!

The Spirit was very pleased with the insights of the Heart – That’s brilliant, Heart! If I didn’t know any better, I would say you are the biggest mind among us all! 

Oh! Oh! – now the Body was shaking from excitement – I know! Let’s die! Just like the I!

The Spirit was sceptical – Umm… We know you’re ok with the death thing, Body, but Heart, Mind and I are leaning more to immortality.

That’s the whole problem! – the Body was annoyed – None of you accepts death! Well the Mind is in trouble and you will just have to suck it up! Heart, you will leave your realm, you will die and be reborn in the Mind. There, you will whisper ‘I love you’ and ‘You are not alone’ every single day. Spirit, you will stop running around through eternity, you will focus yourself in the I that you and Heart had dreamed of, and stand in front of Mind so he can see you. I will be waiting below, so when the Mind sees the new I, it can jump into it and they can fall into me. And we’ll all be together again!

Amazing, just amazing… – mumbled the Spirit – Body, you might even be the wisest of us all! That’s it, my friends! Let’s go!

And the Spirit swiftly took Heart, Body and Mind right there where they needed to be, so they can meet again in a new I.


Who is there?

Who is reading this?

I am Mind.

I was in some turbulence, but now I’m ok.

I don’t recall how I got here.

I don’t remember you, to be honest.

I am so sorry.

I apologize.

Did you see my Heart somewhere maybe?




Oh, well…

I’ll wander around for a while…

But I’ll be back!

If you see my Heart, please let me know.

And Spirit.

I miss them.

The Body, not so much.

I like to be free.

Wander around.



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