Practice your intuitive skills – Wheel of the Year Tarot

Piglet laid out some cards for you, do you want to practice your intuition, develop your imagination?

Ok, let’s go!

First, ask yourself – Is it time for a truth to be revealed to me?

Feel your heart. Is it filled with anticipation, did it tremble from excitement? Do you feel joy at the thought of Knowing?

If not, if there is some fear left, if you want to hear a specific message, and are not excited at the thought of Absolute Truth, maybe it’s better to step away from the Oracle. Maybe it’s not the time to go into the Unseen.

When the time comes, you will know. You will be thirsty for Truth one day, if Truth is missing from your life.

And you might be living in Knowing, without knowing it. So, keep not knowing that you are living in Knowing, beacause your Heart can feel exactly where you are, and it will wake you up if you start living someone elses dream.

So, is it?

Is it the Time for Truth?

If it is, carry on, Piglet is here for you. Look at the cards, see the images, feel the images, tell the story that needs to be told, in the Here, in the Now.

If not, goodbye.

I’ll see you,

when you need to be seen 💞


Let the Truth be revealed

Take a breath, relax…


Now read!


Take your time…


Feel the story. What does it all mean?!


Go into details…


Connect the dots…


And your Truth has been delivered!

Say thank you.

And the Truth thanks you as well for being a Seeker.

Thank you, Seeker!

See you again when you decide to seek, when you decide to be seen,

when you start yearning for a Truth to be delivered, when you start craving to be revealed.



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