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Morning Contemplations – Gemini, the Magician and the Lovers

Morning Contemplations at its best!

I love how new ideas come to mind when I start making a video… My ego-intention was to talk about the Magician and the Lovers, but mostly about the Magician and his Lies, the ability of Mercury to change reality. But very soon into the video, I had no words left for the Magician, my voice was called by the Lovers, and it was so much fun!

My favourite insight was about the glyphs of Gemini and Cancer 😃

What else can you find? Here’s a small peak:


The Magicians way to start the day
The Lovers, the glyph of Gemini and Cancer
We take in, we unite – from Gemini to Cancer and then Sagittarius
The glyph of Sagittarius – what happens when polarities unite
From projecting our shadow side on others in Lovers to harmonious union with ourselves and others in Temperance

Those were my favourite ideas that came through this video

Contemplate on the cards, enjoy!


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