Pisces · Shadows and Light

Pisces Magic Spell – From Heavens I came down

From heavens I came down
To see a world so full of despair.

A world without knowledge,
compassion and love,
A world so badly in need of repair.

I came down to give a helping hand
To all in need of strength
All in need of hope
Climbing down
To desperate worlds
I am offering them a rope

I’m offering them the rope
And the chance to climb
But my world
I will never leave behind.

I stand on the precipice
And softly look down
I watch and I hope
you won’t mistake me for a clown.

I might look foolish
I might look strange
It may even look as if I’m causing you more pain.

But I am only pulling you away
From the claws of your own fear
To a crystal like world
Where everything is clear.

There you can see
Your own reflection,
That in you there are no faults,
You don’t have to fear rejection.

You are perfect just as you are,
Embrace yourself and set yourself free.

Love yourself so then you can climb
The heavenly stairway back to me.

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