Astrology · Shadows and Light

I never told you I didn’t love you

I am so proud of you. You achieved so much, on your own, in spite of many obstacles and distractions. And you are beginning to love yourself.

Maybe you shouldn’t have waited so long. Maybe you shouldn’t have waited to see the manifestation of your work so you can define yourself as worthy of love.

I am Saturn. I am striving, surviving. I am discipline, responsibility and hard work. But I never told you I didn’t love you.

I said you were capable of so much more, and you owe it to this world. The world is waiting for YOU.

I told you to try and try again, and to show yourself to others, even if you didn’t reach prefection. What is perfection anyway? A process, my dear, not a destination. You cannot BE perfect, but you can always perfect. Whatever you are working on.

I love the process of perfection. And I love YOU. Becoming all that you were meant to become.

I saw you could take on more responsibilities, and I told you to put in more effort, because I know, I see, you have so much more to give. And I love all that you have to give, just as much as I love you.

You can call me all sorts of names, you can get angry, you can blame. But I know who you are and what you can do. I love what you are capable of, and I love YOU.


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