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Working with Fire – Jealousy or Laziness?

Hrvatska verzija / Croatian version – Rad s Vatrom – Ljubomora ili lijenost?

Jealousy is another feeling we are ashamed of and we love to suppress it. But similar to Anger, we can look at Jealousy as a manifestation of the energy of Fire.

The brisk energy of Jealousy

Someone has something we want. Someone is better at something than us. We are jealous! The fierce energy erodes our heart. We grunt, we resist, but we would rather explode. We have been taught that this feeling is bad, so we reach for the first aid kit and try to fight it – by suppressing it.

But if Fire doesn’t like something, then it’s suppression. She doesn’t like to be stopped, or to have limits put onto her. Suppressing only increases the discomfort and creates conflict within ourselves. We convince ourselves that we are bad, and such thoughts only fire the flames. Fire knows that she is pure, divine, and it does not occur to Her to accept the idea that she is anything less than perfection.

The impatience and laziness of Fire

So what is this Fire? Why is She so wild when She sees something She wants in others?


Fire is just impatient. Be compassionate with Her. At that moment, She wants that something, but She does not want to put in effort to accomplish it. Another aspect of Fire is laziness. She grunts, instead of working. She’s frowning on others who have achieved what She desires. She expects all of this to fall into her lap, to manifest by itself.

Fire carries within Her the memory of a Divine source, and it is sometimes difficult for Her to understand why her desires and ideas do not materialize at the blink of an eye. The Earth element persistently tries to explain to Fire its characteristics, but Fire does not listen.

If you get jealous, talk to the Fiery part of yourself. The part that creates. Ask your Fire what She would like to create, and introduce Her to your Earthly part. Let Earth explain to your Fire what action to take, and throw yourself into creation.

Or take an afternoon nap if your Fire, and even your jealousy, has subsided the moment you understood how much effort you need to put in to get what you want.


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