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Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer – Never ask to be forgiven

I heard this lyric yesterday. Never ask to be forgiven. My Piscean Sun started pulsating with recognition and curiosity. I heard this before. People following those traditional monotheistic religions say the same thing. Only God can judge you. Some things are only between you and God. Sounds true.

But why? Why should you Never ask to be forgiven?

Our Piscean nature

Each individual is aware of Divinity in their own unique way. Each individual is connected directly to the source of creation in their own unique way. Each individual partly dwells in the spiritual world, in the non-embodied. This is the Piscean aspect of our nature. It is otherworldy, it is outside of our regular human perception, and far far away from the constraints of society and societal norms. In short, Pisces doesn’t have company. There is nobody there to forgive, or to ask forgiveness from.

So maybe you should run to Scorpio? Scorpio is a social sign, it covers the topic of human interaction. Should you? Run to Scorpio? But…


Doesn’t forgive…

Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer

Let’s talk astrology. Pisces is a Universal sign, Scorpio Social, and Cancer Personal.

In Cancer, you have to learn to deal with your own emotions, and not drag other people into your unresolved issues. You need to find out how YOU feel about a certain topic, before you start interacting with others.

In Scorpio, it’s time to come out of your shell. It’s time to interact. You learn how to share, how to open up. In Scorpio there is no judgement. We accept the good, the bad, the ugly. We are the good, the bad, the ugly. It is not yet time to be forgiven. It is time to be seen. That’s why we interact with other humans – to be seen.

And after we have been seen in all our good, bad and ugly; we can decide to be purified. We can decide to be forgiven. So we approach Pisces. But Pisces is a Universal sign. There is no I, no You and Me. In Pisces, you are left with Divinity. So, ask for forgiveness from what you call Divine. And if you have no interest in Divinity, go inside your heart and forgive yourself.


It might sound simple, to forgive yourself, but think again. This is what self-forgiveness includes:

Start of with Cancer : Admit to yourself what you have done, process your emotions of disappointment, shame, guilt and be completely at peace with yourself, just as you are.

Continue with Scorpio : Admit your mistake to others. Reveal yourself. Stand tall. Do not expect forgiveness. Do not expect anything, but to be seen. Be seen, just as you are. And then give yourself permission to be someone else.

Change with Pisces : Let it go. Erase your old self. For a moment, be nothing, be a nobody. Be silent. Give yourself the time to be born again, and just be.

Power games

Why is it important not to ask for forgiveness from another person? In Scorpio terms, asking for forgiveness creates a power imbalance and can be a form of manipulation. If you feel guilty, you skipped the Cancer stage of processing the experience and want to be absolved of that inner work. So you put a person in the role of a superior being who can grant you forgiveness (you skip to the Pisces stage), and by doing that, you escape the Scorpio stage where the truth is revealed. You lose the opportunity to get to know yourself, to show yourself and to unconditionally love yourself.

In Scorpio, you say you are sorry for what you have done, but never ask for forgiveness. In Scorpio, you are learning to be totally transparent, even if it means losing something of value. You are learning to develop personal power, so you don’t look for an easy way out through manipulation. You are trained to worship truth above else. You learn that truth is power. You learn that the truth will set you free.

Now come, Scorpio wants to talk to you:

Heal with Scorpio – You did something wrong? Come, talk to me

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