Gemini needs to decide!

So many choices! What should I do?

You are Gemini, you are mutable. Go see your mutable friends!

If you are serious and can take a realistic approach, a reality check, go to Virgo. If you need time to feel what you need, first go to Pisces, she will listen, and then go to Cancer to express your feelings. Beware!!! Do not approach Scorpio!

Continue to Capricorn.

If you arrived from Virgo, you are grounded, realistic and maybe even humble enough to admit that there exists at least one person that knows much more than you do. But if you still believe that nobody knows better than you, go to Scorpio to have your ego shattered. If you come back, you will be ready to appreciate Capricorn. If you come back.

If you arrived from Cancer, you are emotionally stable enough to hear what Capricorn has to say.

I have heard from a professional! What should I do?

If you think Capricorn is an old-fashioned idiot, go to Aquarius. You will either gain confirmation for your out-there ideas, or find an even more ingenious approach. Immediately after, run to Sagittarius. He will pump you up with enthusiasm and boost your self-confidence. In no circumstances !!! should you stay and party with Sagittarius! Run, I say run !!! to Taurus. Taurus will make you work! You will perform your first task, take your first step, and now the rest is up to you!

If you respect and admire Capricorn, take his advice, your choice has been made.


Mutable as you are, change your mind and take time to reconsider. Run to Libra for a quick chat.

If you made your final decision with the help of Libra, thank heavens. If not, run, no, fly to Aries so you can experience someone not giving a fuck about your indecision. If that hurts your feelings (do you even have any?), go back to the start end choose to talk to Pisces. If not, run to Leo, who will also not give a fuck, but will force you to listen to his drama.

If you’re bored with Leo so much that you are ready to make a choice out of desperation, do it! Do it, regret later. You will have an opportunity to make another choice, at least this way you will have some experience. But if you find Leo inspiring and lose yourself in his drama, you will forget you had an issue. Problem solved, temporarily. When your memory returns, go back to the start with a Note-to-self : ‘Avoid Leo’.

If somehow you made a decision while talking to Leo, go tell Virgo. She keeps records of all earthly events, ordinary and extra-ordinary.

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