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Virgo and Sagittarius – The Familiar and the Far Away

The difference between you and me is that, I know that I don’t know, but I try to find out.

And I know I will never know, but let me let it go, let me close my mind to new opportunity, so I can try to find explanations right here next to me.

Let me use the language I have always known, let me explain the unexplainable with the familiar.

Let me find the knowledge of right now, instead of resurrecting the wisdom of millenia.

I imagine this would be a plead of Virgo to Sagittarius.

Virgo, witchcraft, and Sagittarius, religion, have never seen eye to eye. Virgo, an Earth sign enchanted with the Natural World, and Sagittarius, a Fire sign mesmerized by Spirit. Rules of Nature vs. the Laws of Spirit. Going within, accepting what is vs. striving for the untouchable, setting your sights on the unreachable.

They will never see eye to eye, but they need to coexist. And their coexistence will bring stability, structure, and eventually, accomplishment.

Virgo is setting her sights on her immediate surroundings, and she will try to find a cure right next to her doorstep. There is no need to travel far, everything you need, you can find right by your side. God is Great.

Sagittarius is burning bright, so bright that he is able to see far far into the distance. A vague image appears before him – of an explanation, of a mysterious truth, of something indescribable, never yet seen. And he knows – he is capable of understanding the unfamiliar. God is Great.

It’s not that Virgo can’t see what Sagittarius is seeing, it’s just that she doesn’t even bother to look. It’s sacrilege to her, heresy, to let go of the natural, of the habitual and go on chasing a dream. We can dream while standing still, and come to peace with the fact that dreams don’t come true. Living is magical too.

It’s not that Sagittarius doesn’t appreciate the habitual, the every day, the routine. It’s just that he doesn’t even bother to stay still. Why be at one place when you can travel to another? And then another, and another? Why keep looking at what’s right in front of you, when the whole world waits to be seen? Why bother with the details, when life is just a dream?

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