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You are not Hanged, you have chosen to Surrender

It was a fiery beginning, by no means doomed to an icy end. The need for security, the allure of fantasy ruined what could have been, ruined what was. A beautiful reality unfolding in most mysterious ways… You wanted a beautiful dream, so you refused an even more spectacular reality. Dream… But dream awake, and see. See the mystery unfolding in front of your eyes.

Dream the dream of your divine, conscious self, and not your small, conditioned mind.
You think things should be a certain way, so you start to resist. But what will be done, will be done. You can surrender, or you can try to fight. You either experience surrender and observe the divine at work, or you pretend you are in control and watch your ego crash and burn. What do you want to see? It’s completely up to you.

But you are not stuck, you are not lost, you are not powerless. You are at that magnificent point in life where you can rest and watch the universe unfold.

No, you are not hanged, my dear Hanged man.
You have chosen to surrender.

You have chosen to flow.

And you have chosen to let new life flow into you.

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