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Scorpio looking for the Most Powerful One

Mirror, mirror, on the wall
Who’s most powerful of them all?

asked Scorpio one day, wanting another confirmation of his own majesty.

He was not worried about the Cardinal signs, they were the losers whose only job was to Initiate. But not he, he was supposed to endure anything they started! He was not given a choice, but was given the strength to handle anything that comes his way.

The Mutable signs didn’t concern him either. Superficial fools, he thought. One minute they’re here, the next, who knows? Such a unreliable bunch of useless souls. They were the ones falling asleep at the wheel, while he was the one holding the wheel firmly in his hands, controlling his destiny, steering his life wherever he wants to go.

But the Fixed signs were the ones that are here to sustain, to endure, to keep living, to survive. And Scorpio wanted to know – who is the most powerful of them all?

Taurus wasn’t considered a threat. He was concerned with daily living, with his own prosperity. If you didn’t touch him, he would not touch you. He was perfectly pleased with having his own little piece of land, and stay there, live by his own rules, and never leave, never explore. You could say he was the most stubborn of them all.

You could argue that it was Taurus who had the most power, with his determination to never change, with his resilience and defiance to outside influences. But as long as Taurus stayed inside, in his own little heaven, Scorpio was unbothered, unimpressed. Scorpio wanted more.

Aquarius was a slight nuisance, but still not considered a worthy opponent. The humanitarian concerned with everyone everywhere. Yes, he had control. Control over his mind and the ability to envision a society that benefits all. Control over himself, never falling under the influence of someone else. That’s what bothered Scorpio the most.

Caring for all, even though all might not care about him could make Aquarius the most powerful one. But Scorpio wouldn’t hear of it. Ha! Such a fool! Scorpio thought. Concerning yourself with those out of reach! Waste of time! I need to control what is mine!

Leo was the proud, courageous one. You could find him in front of the mirror, but never asking any questions, never doubting himself or needing any confirmation. He was just there admiring his own reflection, basking in the presence of a true king.

You could say that that was Leo’s weakness, but when he stepped away from the mirror, all the love that he felt for himself, all the love that he accumulated, he was ready to share. And was able to see in those that he encountered on the way.

Ha! The fool! To give, but not to take! Does that require any strength at all? thought Scorpio.

But the ability for Leo to feel Love for himself, even if he is not loved by others, could make Leo the most powerful one.

Scorpio was not convinced.

Aquarius is detached, Taurus is guarded, Leo is a powerful show. But I..
I am ready to be seen!
And I will always be much more powerful
Than any of these losers have ever been!

I am ready to open up and show myself
I am willing not to run away
I am willing to stay

So mirror, mirror, on the wall
Who’s most powerful of them all?

The mirror tenderly replied:

My sweet Scorpio,
I would love to help you with your quest
But I just can’t decide who’s the best!

And that moment, Scorpio realized – the mirror was a Libra.

Will he ever get his answer?


Can he handle that?


Not knowing has never stopped Scorpio in living. Searching for answers was always more fun then finding them.

Having the ability to create new questions while finding out the answers might make Scorpio the most powerful one.

Going on a never-ending journey while being aware of death. Breathing never knowing if it’s the last breath.

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