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Aquarius to Taurus – I am better than you

I fly above, see all that you do, and I know I would do it better than you.

Well, come down and see what I see, then tell me, would you do it better than me.

It’s so simple, you don’t have a clue. I am so much better than you.

You are not better, your vision is a gift.

So what gifts do you have, my simple minded friend?

I may not have your vision, or a higher mind, but I sense what you see. I don’t need complicated explanations to know my responsibilities. 

Who cares about responsibilities?! I am talking about problem-solving, the intelligence that will ease the burden you carry on your shoulders!

Maybe not all I carry is a burden, maybe most of it is love. But what would you know…


You say I don’t know love? You have no idea how much I can breathe into my heart!

And with such ease, you will breathe it out. That is your choice, my high-flying friend, to love by letting be. But I need a tangible love, something I can have, something I can carry, something valuable and heavy.

But that kind of love will chain you to the ground!

Yes, that’s exactly where I want to be.

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