Leo · The Mystery

This version of Me

I could have been…

A king, a queen

But I am who I am

I will not settle, but I will also not battle life

Instead, I will take care of all that life is giving me, to the best of my ability

And I will celebrate the way I am living, and the fact that life keeps giving, and my grace with which I receive its bounty

I could have been another version of myself, but I will leave that possibility to rest, and put this version of me to the test

Am I able to stand strong while loving, while living, am I able to receive while giving and give while life offers me its best?

Am I able to pay attention only to this possibility, this version of me, take care of it, play it out, not be envious of what others are going through, not try to play a role that belongs to another in this specific, time restricted, rendition of the Universe?

Can I renounce infinite possible universes and focus only on this one, give it so much love and care, bring it to love, bring it to light, bring it to life?

I could have been a lot of things…

But I vow to put this version of me to the test, develop courage, find the strenght

To live, to love, to let go

To go beyond ego and experience soul

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