Aquarius · Leo · Taurus · The Mystery

Taurus to Leo – Matter matters

I wish only matter mattered. Then I would be free to explore by senses, be happily bound by earthly pleasures and be at ease with tragedies that pervade human life.

But they tell me there is more… And that I should strive for that more.

They tell me there is Spirit, and that a part of that Spirit belongs to me.

At least that is how I see it.

They say when I claim my Spirit, I will acquire Truth that shall set me free.

They say I could be glorious, majestic, magnificent; a true inspiration, unique, significant.

They ask of me to stop being so enchanted by matter, to stop worshiping what is, to start wandering in the land of visions, in the land of the truly free.

They ask of me to see how things could be better, but I prefer it the way it is.

Maybe matter isn’t the only thing that matters, but it matters to me.

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