Just around the corner

Just around the corner of your heart
Getting ready to fall apart,
Be torn apart
By ghosts of past insecurities

Getting ready to depart
To unseen landscapes of your heart
To get lost in your troubles
And out underneath the rubble
Take the remnants of your glory

Getting ready to stay,
Hang around
Offer the beauty that I found
Searching through
All that life put you through

Getting ready to stay,
Offer my heart, then pray
That I deserved this love
That found me this way

Confused, unprepared

Getting ready to fall apart, be torn apart
To leave
And believe
To be devastated,
Then out of the dust, re-created

To accept all loves are fated
But submit to the one love that conquers them all

The love of love, all knowing
Through galaxies, flowing

Never giving up on us
No matter how much we resist to trust

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