Cancer · Pluto · The Mystery


I don’t know about punches
But I know about guilt

Feeling that I had to do something more
Before I decided to quit

I know about staying in one place
Fulfilling my role as the one
that doesn’t make a sound

I know about keeping silent about all the damage
I know about trying to manage
When you return to me feeling sorry

I know about keeping silent
When it’s obvious
that your own violence
was the cause of all the hurt

The hurt you feel,
The hurt I will feel
When you treat me
In the same manner that got you in trouble
And left you puzzled

I will keep silent
Won’t reveal
what seems evident to me –

You weren’t provoked
It wasn’t a struggle
You were out there, looking for trouble

Nobody pressured you into throwing punches
But those are the truths you don’t need to know yet

It will take some time until you are ready to take on responsibilities,
Some time for you to learn
how to handle all the possibilities
that present themselves to you

You will need to learn about cycles, patience and adequate time
You will need to learn that your troubles are uniquely yours,
not mine

And while you learn and grow
I will keep silent,
Won’t reveal I already know
That the damage you caused
Was always supposed
To torment you, haunt you
But never leave you
Helpless and exposed

It was supposed to form you, build you up
When you stray from your path and start giving up
When you lose your focus and stop aiming for greatness

Then, you’ll be left in arms of circumstances

You won’t need to act, to form, or reform

Circumstance will straighten you up
Life will serve you its lessons for free

And I will stop being someone you need

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