Mars · Pluto · Shadows and Light

I will not fly

This is different

I am tied to you by sadness
And I don’t want to leave that sadness behind

I carry with me hope
And suspicion
A heartfelt premonition
That life isn’t gonna go my way

My love, on the other hand,
is painting a picture
of a more glorious day

Not some doom and gloom rebellion
Of a renegade led astray

Windows open up,
I see priceless hearts
And the dawn promises a new way

I will be using all my senses
To create something that is not madness
And my warrior-like cries
Will be tearing up the skies

No, nothing really matters
But no way it was all in vain

I tried, I was tied, then, released
I lived a life, now, deceased

Life, my love, then death
I lived it all in colour

Hearts were moved by strings
Now I have wings

But I will not fly

I will give you some time
To fall in love with the sound
Of my footsteps that you’re going to follow

Stay on track and don’t turn back

Keep going ’till there’s no tomorrow

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