Pisces · Pluto · Scorpio · Venus

Selfish dreamers

It was obvious, it was evident…

But we wanted to dream.

And we had no issue with making another being a puppet in our personal story. Selfish dreamers.

Selfish dreamers don’t fall in love.

We are helpless, stranded in the mess we created, pretending we want what’s best for all.

Pretending we are compassionate, lying to ourselves, hiding from ourselves that we have secrets we want to share.

Wounds we want opened, emptiness waiting to be filled.

We were hoping for depth, but instead, we got lost in our fantasies, and our best shot was to aim away from addiction and insanity.

We had no choice but to be disillusioned, disappointed with ourselves, and face the fact that we hurt somebody else.

No choice but to see, that the hurt of others matters as much as our own, no matter how different.

We are not victims.

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