Pisces · Scorpio

A symbol

A symbol, nothing new

A symbol of a want
That is about to become truth

A symbol, seen all over the place
Something that is shared
Not distinct

A craving not yet extinct

I wonder how it will look when it comes to light…

I wonder, but I need it to be unexpected
I need it to be unforseen

I need the feeling of waking up
inside a miraculous dream

I need the revelation to be complete,
I need the feeling of no control

And a surge of power coming through
Regardless of what I do

I need to feel open to surrender
And be willing to remember
Only the love that will carry me
Only moments of clarity

Now, deep inside my core,
A love is rushing through
Taking me away, straight to you

My miracle, unexpected
The symbol, from down underground,

Still, I’ll be waiting for
Your knock at my heart’s door

And the invitation from above
To step into love

And never look back



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