Sagittarius · The Mystery

Honest, free

Your beautiful honesty

To be so blunt, and have no doubts
When you express yourself

To be so blunt, so free
To ask of all to be
All they can be

Priceless, unique

To be so sure of yourself
Not to be bothered by anybody else
But still, a part of the crowd

And we will carry you

Eternal fire will marry you
You’ll be wed to source
Forever bound to the origin,
to the force
And for that reason, free

Free to do what the eternal fire is burning for
Free to make choices that are not yours
But belong to all

All that lives, all that dies
All that cries out for a better tomorrow
All that endures pain, bleeds in sorrow

All that will keep
memories of yet another defeat
But keep going strong

Determined to evolve

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