Sagittarius · The Mystery

One step ahead

I’m proud to be loud
To be standing my ground
Madly looking for words
that need to be heard

Proud to preach what I know,
falling silent when we don’t
All jump on the same boat

Proud to fall behind,
and take the time,
while others examine my word,
to get intoxicated, inundated
in the troubles of this world,

And once more,
take on the role of a beginner,
of a clumsy soul desperate for truth

With those beginner’s steps
I reach places I haven’t seen yet

I make more sense
Of this fleeting existence
I uncover more gratitude,
and lose the know-it-all attitude

I surrender while I go wild,
I put all philosophy aside
and drown myself in meaning
In the passionate essence of being

I end up in a whirlpool of ecstasy,
Proclaim love is the cure,
because it has to be

I let the joy devour me,
Madness overpower me
And bring me to my senses

The vastness, the immensity, the grandeur…
I am left breathless

And if any distraught soul
wanted to know
which is the right way to go

I would use my last breath
to say that

With falling behind,
I found myself
one step ahead,
Every time

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