Kindred soul

Come to me, free
Come to me, for release

Naked, open

Come to me,
Desperate, broken

The state you’re in
And all your feelings

Untrusting of uncertainty
Afraid of new beginnings

Don’t think you’re weak
if you need me
Don’t be afraid of me leaving

I left,
Not time after time,
But only once,
Only one

Only one darkness
Only one source

When I felt this maddening need to be yours

Now, I wait for you

To hold my hand
while I whisper to your heart
that love awaits us,
and we are ready to start

Just before dawn,
You’ll find me
Eyes closed

You’ll feel me
Heart knows

Soul remembers it is needed
Spirit walks on,

Spirit walks into the light,
Strong and aware
That the growing pains of a kindred soul
Blessed both hearts,
Made both souls whole

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